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mardi 27 mars 2007

7e conférence internationale agents virtuels , Paris 17-19 septembre 07

7th International Conf on Intelligent Virtual Agents 17-19 Sept. 2007 Paris, France - Web Site:
IVA'07 is an interdisciplinary conference, bringing together researchers, industrialists and users in the fields of interactive graphics, animation, computer games, cognitive modelling and human-computer interaction.
GALA - Gathering of Lifelike Agents 17th - 19th September 2007 Paris, France
Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) are autonomous, graphically embodied agents in an interactive, 2D or 3D virtual environment. They are able to interact intelligently with the environment, other IVAs, and especially with human users. (...) The domain of Intelligent Virtual Agents has become much more diverse and now encompasses a wide range of disciplines; cognitive and social psychology, communication models (conversational skills, interaction loops, conversational analysis), non-verbal communication, sociology (modeling human / IVA societies), HCI (intelligent user interfaces, gesture/body tracking interfaces), design and arts (e.g., interactive installations with IVAs), and numerous application domains. While initial research often focused on the use of IVAs in virtual environments, they are now increasingly used in web-based interfaces, personal computing devices and interactive television. (...) IVA'07 will be a multidisciplinary forum for researchers and practitioners from academia and industry with an interest in the design, implementation, and evaluation of IVAs and IVA applications.